Paint what you know? I know quilts and tea and slightly anxiety ridden women.

Sarah (who never updates her blog..) said to me last night, when I was freaking out over a dumb painting, that, isn't it funny how a flat surface and some oil and pigment can completely change our emotions and all that other junk. It's a weird predicament, to care about something inanimate so much that it has that much bearing on your life. A little break will be nice.

And then back to work.


Anonymous said...

Damn that's a fine looking quilt. You've gotten so much better! I think we're all freaking out lately. It's incredibly conflicting to have some vague idea of what level of work you want to do and never feel like you're getting anywhere close to it. Though I guess that's why we go to art school, no? Keep up the good work, have a great Christmas and I'll hopefully talk with you soon!
-jamie (not lettin me sign in blagh)

mauricio salmon said...

great piece, i think you have a great handle on watercolors, you have nice nice shapes and colors going on in the quilt. enjoy the break and just let it all soak in just remember to relax.