Sketchbook! Some of these are a bit old, Volker still has hair.

And also an illustration

This was an open assignment. I was trying to draw a memory I think I had of new england when I was very young. I'm not sure if it really happened or not. I think that would be a cool theme for a series of illustrations, "stuff that maybe happened". That and I wanted to draw sheets. I need to figure out how to work and not tighten up on bigger pieces. Pratt recommended I look at J Muth and I think you should too. If you like watercolor. His are sweet without being saccharine or tacky.

Final projects and things being completed. I want to maintain this mindset over break and paint a lot, see if I can find some cool subject matter in NPR, and maybe coerce Watts to go landscape painting with me.

This semester has been supercrazy.

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mauricio salmon said...

amazing work you have here! , i love it!