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I dedicate this page to John Ofori and Adam Volker

School! I love school. I love this year. Man, there was no warm up this year. I feel thrown right into it already, it's great. I have good feelings about this year. I don't like to often have expectations, but of this year, I expect extremes. Extreme goods and extreme times of stress and all the stuff that is going to tear us down and make us stronger.
I started work at the library again today. I think I had missed it. As much as one can miss a job. I feel a weird personal connection to work there. It's nice to have a block of 3 hours where I'm guaranteed I'll be more or less left alone. It's always been my designated think time, and during times of great stress, many problems were thought out and resolved in my head during my shifts there.
It was overcast all day today. I like to look out my window and try and pretend it's really cold outside. Which is usually easy since the ladies keep the AC here at -53 degrees, and then I can make some tea, and not feel all completely lame, for wanting a hot drink, in August in Florida.
"Spit on a Stranger" is one of those songs I keep coming into my room to listen to specifically. It makes every problem feel, somehow, lighter.

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John Ofori said...

easy Mcguire, easy thats trouble