Finished my spring sketchbook, moving on to the watercolor one. I plan on making a new sketchbook that I can keep at the same time to do pencil/pen/dry media stuff. Doesn't look the same on the watercolor paper.

Various Precollege associated people

Awkward girls in their underwear

Dangers of owning an iPod

Horse Drawin'

Portrait night, with Precollege kids. These were each about 5-10 (about 20 for the bottom ones). I work much better when I work fast and don't overwork stuff

More portrait night

and more portrait night. The kid on the right is from NPR, and doesn't always look so demonic

It is hard to think of anything concise I could possibly say about Precollege. I expected to work hard, and I expected long hours and everything else. I expected to have fun with friends who were also working. But, I didn't expect that the experience would change me this much.

I feel like the past few weeks have been a time of unexpected, strangely drastic growth. Not that I am older and wiser now, but that I'm more aware of certain things. Seeing people who are where you just used to be (high school) is a pretty eye opening experience. It makes you aware of how much you've come, and also how much you still have to go to be anything close to how you want to be.
That, and I have felt a great change from being in situations that are just outside your comfort zone. I don't think I ever want such a mind numbing comfort zone again. I feel a lot more inspired and honest when put in new situations with new people, with new things to learn and think about. I think the way I am now is how I've wanted to be for a while. To be able to be seen as more than just my first impression (librarian, nerdy, snobby, freckly.). To finally loosen up, live a more raw and immediate existence. Will this all change when I come back for school for real, for junior year? Is this kind of life only specific to these 4 weeks? I don't know, but I really hope I can maintain this. Maintain friendships, work ethic, everything else. I feel like things are starting to change, and even if I'm not sure how, I feel strangely ready for whatever happens.


Jane said...

I can't see the pictures. =/

mclean said...

A lot of these watercolors are (I don't know if this is the best word) charming. On the subject of personal change and growth, I think its something we all need to be aware of- props for recognizing it.