Time of the Fireflies

Time of the Fireflies

Time of the Fireflies wraparound
Here is another cover for the wonderful Kimberley Griffiths Little and her new book, The Time of the Fireflies. I previously did covers for two of her other books- When the Butterflies Came, and Circle of Secrets. Her stories always have so much lovely material to work with! This new one is out in the summer.

And some sketchbook work-

And oh yeah, I got my studio set up! Can you spot both of the cats investigating it? I love working in here.

It's been a busy winter, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope all are well. Take care!



Joni said...

Lovely book cover! I can feeeeeel the enchantment in the air. ^^

Barbara Watson said...

Looking forward to Kimberley's latest middle grade! And the cover is breathtaking. Right now I'm reading What I Came to Tell You. When I picked it up from the library, my daughter was with me, gazing at the cover while I drove. I peeked at it and said, "That cover is gorgeous. I love the style; it's familiar to me. Who's the cover artist?" She checked. It's you. :-) I gasped. Of course. That's why I loved it so.

Sarah Watts said...

You rock Erin. I love that new illustration.