Circle of Secrets Cover


I'm happy to share the final cover art for Circle of Secrets by Kimberley Griffiths Little and published by Scholastic Inc. The book will be available this October for your reading enjoyment. Here's the blurb from Amazon- Critically acclaimed author Kimberley Griffiths Little weaves a haunting story of friendship and family and the power of faith, once again set against the lush backdrop of the Lousiana bayou.

Also, since blue bottle trees play a vital role in the story, I did a spot to include on the back cover.

And here's a shot of the wraparound.

All in all this was a fast and fun project. Not including this cover, I'll have 3 books out this fall with my illustrations in them- French Ducks in Venice, Breadcrumbs, and Lucky for Good. No doubt I'll post more about them as their publication dates grow closer.

Hope all are well.


McLean Kendree said...

It looks great all together in the layout! This stuff is exciting!

WendyMartinArt said...

Very moody! Great work. Love the spine treatment as well.

Concrete Girl said...

Erin... Your work is beautiful. Recently, I had an idea for a children's book, and thought to myself, "I would need someone with real artistic talent to illustrate it" and I truly thought of you. You were always such a natural when it came to art. I'm so glad you are able to do what you love as a career!

<3 Shannon

Logan Pearsall said...

This is beautiful!

What medium are you working in?

Erin McGuire said...

Thanks everyone!

Logan- these are all digital, I may have worked over a sketch on this one to save time.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Erin,

I stumbled across your blog (Google Alerts is great that way!) and saw your mention of Circle of Secrets! I MUST tell you how much I LOVE the cover art! It's spooky and dramatic and gorgeous. Love the dripping Spanish moss and the blue bottle tree and the vertical rows of blue bottles that wrap around the cover edges! Can't wait to see the actual book soon!

Thanks so much!


Caroline Starr Rose said...


Erin McGuire said...

Thanks everyone! Kimberley, I'm thrilled that you like the cover, there's nothing better than a happy author :)