Glen Keane and the Texas Avery award

Texas Avery Award 2012
For the past few years I've illustrated materials for the Dallas Film Festival's promotional efforts. This year, to celebrate giving the Texas Avery award to the legendary Glen Keane, I completed a piece celebrating the award and Keane's legacy. I wanted to give a subtle nod to the Keane characters I loved growing up, without just doing some weird Disney fan art. I tried to subtly nod at various characters in the crowd, can you spot them?

When Glen Keane comes to Dallas next month to accept the award, there will be a bunch of cool events, hopefully I can make it out to one. For more information, there's a website set up here-

Also, I just found out this morning that I've had something accepted into Spectrum 19! Congrats to all those accepted. Hope all are well.

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