Lucky For Good

Written by Susan Patron, Illustrated by Erin McGuire
Published by Atheneum/Simon&Schuster

At Last! Lucky for Good is released! The last in the Higher Power of Lucky trilogy comes out this week, I hope fans of the first two enjoy the last chapter in the series.

A look at the full wrap around jacket, designed by the wonderful Sonia Chaghatzbanian :)

I also thought it'd be cool to show a few of the early cover sketches. The final ended up as a variation on the right sketch, adding some other characters, a happier Lucky, and a more appropriate setting. (Someone clearly hearts her!)

I illustrated all of the black and white interiors in the book, mostly in pencil with some digital touch ups. I got to draw kids, hot dogs, donkeys, cats, and who knows what else.

They are happy the book is released as well.

This is a busy fall for me, as Breadcrumbs is released next month, and French Ducks in Venice in December. Working on some other secret-but-exciting things currently.

I hope all are well, and surviving the summer heat.

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Watts said...

Looks awesome! It's pretty sweet that you did some pencil action for it. It's funny that you had to make her happier. Erin girls a little somber looking? No way

I tried to buy French Ducks a couple weeks ago, then I realized my timing was way off:D I can't wait to get it!