RFXU Poster and more Breadcrumbs

Recruiting poster I created at work for our Apprentice Program. I started at Reel FX as a concept art apprentice in 2008, and it was quite the learning experience. Three years later, and I'm still happily working in Texas.

And, a bit of a Breadcrumbs round up-
I posted the cover to Breadcrumbs (written by Anne Ursu) previously, but since some interiors have been showing up in reviews around the internet, I'm excited to share a few of those as well.

But she was not alone. There was a palace just ahead, sitting in the middle of the plain like a gift. It was simple— a small square with a dome framed by four minarets. It looked like it had been sculpted out of snow.
Review and illustration posted at Laurel Snyder's Blog

For the snow was not snow anymore, but a woman—tall and lithe like a sketch, in a white fur cape and a white shimmering gown that looked so thin it would melt if you touched it. Hair like spun crystal framed cream-colored skin.
Review and illustration posted at Book Rat

And now, back to work. Hope all are well.


Watts said...

Ooooh purty! Nice job Erin!

Erin McGuire said...

Thanks Sarah, Hope you're well :)