Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends and quicker studies-

Creepy Hallway

Summer Field

These are all a little different in approach. Having to constantly wear different styles in the commercial world results in a bit of an identity crisis in my own work. It's hard to "see" your own style, even if it's so apparent to other people. Now that things have lightened up a bit, I'm aiming to turn back to just creating some work for myself and figure out what kind of images I really want to make.


Watts said...

These are awesome! I like the lovey one. It was great to hang with you;)

Ana said...

I just did the post about you. I feel like publishing it now but I will save for tomorrow.
I did chose the first one of this post and the one with the cat and the boy. Title of the post:
"Erin McGuire's adventures in blue"
I hope you like it Erin.
I wrote:
Last month I did a post about Erin Mcguire work at the moment I found her blog and was spelled by her art.
I went back and was enchanted again and as it's always hard to chose two between so many great I decided for these two because I love this blue. It's a criteria, isn't it?
But notice that the "action" is not in blue. The cat and the boy with a book in his hand as a shadow... this is magical!
And the girl looking at the candle that is in the middle of the drawing? This is Erin's world.
Don't forget to look at the reflection on the floor."
Please, tell me if you don't want it because it is your work and I don't want you to feel bad.
thank you,

Erin McGuire said...

Thanks guys!

Ana- Thanks for the post, It's always nice to know when someone likes my work.

Sandra Lucia said...

Hey Erin,

Conflict with style between commercial work and personal work has troubled me too.I try to keep them as far apart as I can..These illustrations are very Erin McGuire..I hope you continue to make images you really want to make.! :D

Ana said...

I did the post. I really love your work.
Visit here to see if you like:
Thank you for that.
I think I started the month in great style!
I didn't notice you wrote about the conflict of commercial and your style.
I agree with Sandra that your work has your mark.
Seeing our work... very hard to have the distance to judge.
I compromise 9,02%. No more than that. :)