Higher Power Cover

Higher Power of Lucky
Simon & Schuster
After completing the Lucky Breaks cover last spring, Simon and Schuster approached me again to do a matching paperback cover edition for the Newbery Award winning Higher Power of Lucky, also by Susan Patron. Quite an honor to do covers for such a beautifully written series!

I'm currently working on interiors for the third book in the Lucky series, which will be out in the spring next year. Oh and still finishing final details on French Ducks in Venice. And maybe some other things.

And, a sketch-

I saw this adorable girl on Sartorialist today and wanted to do a drawn version of her. She had a lot of character.

Even though I get busy, I try to find time to sketch for myself. Sometimes if I can grab enough time through out the day waiting for emails or feedback or whatnot, I can usually fit in a little sketch. I also made my Photoshop history take snapshots every time I saved, so it occurred to me I could make a little gif of this sketch coming together

My process is THRILLING I know ;)
Til next time!


Dustin d'Arnault said...

:) That it is miss McGuire!

lyndzilla said...

in sixth grade you taught me about proportion and i've never forgotten it. it's nice to see you doing well for yourself. :]

Garret Freymann-Weyr said...

Actually, it really is. As I have seen and fallen in love with.