First off, here's a beetle.

Also, a little close up of a work in progress-

I haven't done much stuff for myself lately, busy with the 9-5. Work has been lots of fun though, I can't wait until the stuff is actually able to be shown to other people, we've been on some really cool projects.

Been cooking lots and playing with the kitten. Feels weird, for the first time in 16 years, having a September where I'm not in school.


The Machine said...

these are fun, especially the beetle. he seems like a kool guy. :D

Anyway, i wanted to know if you were coming down for ILLEST. It's on Oct 10th at 7:30pm. It's ganna be awesome and you should definitely be there. Were having Sam Weber and his wife Jillian Tamaki judge. I Hope you can make it!

Here's are website if ya wanna check it out and see some updates we've got goin on....

tootles! Hope you're doin well!

Eric Orchard said...

Gorgeous images! You are so good Erin.