I finally broke down and got a kitten. 

I was trying to put off for a few months until I could properly afford it (pet deposits, vet bills etc) but there was an opportunity to save a kitten and I couldn't pass it up. Brandon Oldenburg found two kittens in a grocery store parking lot that had crawled up into a car's engine. When the driver came out he said that he'd pulled out 5 kittens earlier during the day, and was amazed that there were still two kittens in there, they had ridden in his car's engine for a few miles and survived.

Brandon couldn't keep the cats, so I offered to take one, and someone at work took the other. When I picked her up, and she was all grungy from the engine, so I gave her a bath when I got her home. This is what she looked like before her bath, but after Brandon's 5 year old daughter started decorating her. Circus kitty?

Anyhow, I named her Ginny, in part because I liked the name, and because of her love of engines and tight mechanical spaces. She has already climbed behind my dryer one night, and under my dishwasher yesterday, when it took Sarah and me two hours and a screwdriver to find her. Luckily she was fine, and I've since then kitten-proofed my apartment.

Hopefully I will make some new stuff soon. If anyone has good advice about shipping 13x19 prints, I am having trouble finding envelopes big enough. Trying to set up a way to sell prints. If you have used a service of some sort with great success please let me know. Thanks!


Trish Tatman said...

KITTY! She's so darn cute!

I just got your postcard today- yay! You should be getting something in the mail soon!

sarah said...

Awwe,love the cat, I'm glad you got her:) I as well got you postcard..Thanks! Can you email me your address? Take care.

Oliver Dominguez said...

Cute kitty! Hope all is well.



The Machine said...

aww! what a cutie! that cat is so much kooler than normal cats, she lived in an engine! how many cats can say that? let alone say anything at all lol.

anywho, about your prints, what i did with a couple over-sized prints of mine was I got 2 pieces of cardboard, and a roll of thin bubble rap(home depot), stuck the bubble rap on either side of the print, then put the two pieces of cardboard on either side of the that and taped it along the edges making sure it is sealed and the print won't move around in there. works like a charm. hope that helps!


Lindsey Lydecker said...

awww yay!!!
hitty ^_^

Ali Al-Selmie said...

She looks very cute!

I'm thinking of getting a sister for Samantha.