I uploaded an in-progress new design for my website. Looking at Jay Ryan for color and type.

I would have tried to finish it, but I got pneumonia (and bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis) at the end of finals week. I still have pneumonia (plus all the other junk as far as I know), but at least I'm home and I can rest a lot. This is probably the sickest I've ever been, being as I've never let myself get this run down before. Not sleeping enough, or eating right, Ringling wreaked havoc on my immune system. I think I have learned my lesson. Next year will be different.

Still, lots to look forward to for this summer. Just have to get myself back together first.

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brian said...

Geez Erin, don't die!

The website looks nice, though the big blue rectangle goes kind of plain when you aren't scrolled over an image. Maybe set it to leave up the last image that you scrolled over, or break it up a bit or something (work in progress, I know.. )