Nancy Drew Diaries- Strangers on a Train

Nancy Drew Diaries
The first two books in the Nancy Drew Diaries series are in stores tomorrow, and I'm excited to finally see them in print! I previously posted my cover for Curse of the Arctic Star, and I thought I'd celebrate their release by showing the Strangers on a Train cover as well.
These are a few of the early sketches for this cover. We ultimately decided against the more action-packed Nancy, since it was a bit similar to cover #1. The slightly more subtle and suspicious train station setting proved more successful.

Literary classics are always a pleasure to illustrate, but they are challenging as well. Nancy Drew has been around for about 80 years, and creating artwork that lives up to and fits in with that legacy is a lot of pressure. It's been really great hearing from folks in the Nancy Drew fan community while working on the series, their words of support were greatly appreciated! I hope all her readers, new and old, are happy with her new look.

Thanks, and enjoy!


Victor Hodge said...

Hi, Erin

I think it's SO exciting that you're involved in this project. I have been reading Nancy Drew since I was eight years old. Your Nancy is adorable. Thanks for sharing the concept cover for "Strangers on a Train." Personally, I'm partial to the more action oriented Nancy, but I still LOVE your mysterious covers. I'm looking forward to this series. My books showed up the other day and they're beautiful!!! I also love the paper covers. It reminds me of the original editions from 1930. Good luck to you. I hope to see more. Hope you can work Bess and George onto a cover in the near future. Take care!!!


damien degroot said...

Are you really the illustrator of this series.