Saranormal 3

My illustration for the third Saranormal cover, called Mischief night. I've enjoyed illustrating the spooky world of Saranormal. And with Laura Roode's lovely type-

And a quick piece I did at work-
I suppose this is a good image to ring in the endless Texas summer that's just around the corner. Also kinda looks like my buddy Sarah!

Til next time!


Carlos V. said...

Wow, gorgeous work!!!

Kristy Guenther said...

Really like the series of book covers. I'm not familiar with the books but you really do capture a ghostly/otherworldly feel on all of them!

Betsy Bauer said...

I love it! The lighting is so great! Nice work, Erin.

Erin McGuire said...

Thank you guys! Glad you like :)