Hero Academy & Numberlys

So, it seems my previous blog post was premature, since I ended up also getting sick, and being out of commission most of this week. But, in taking a break from art for a moment, I want to draw your attention to two iPhone apps out this week, from talented friends of mine.

First, my new obsession, Hero Academy from Robot Entertainment

My better half Drew Olson did the art and characters, so I am probably biased, but it's tons of fun. Hero Academy is a turn based strategy game, and for someone who knows nothing about strategy games, I'm still finding it a really fun and exciting experience. (Plus it's free in the App Store!)

And second, Numberlys a beautiful new app from my friends at Moonbot Studios

Numberlys seems to be an alphabet/story/game/short film/whatelse?! app done in the style of old timey movies like Metropolis. A beautiful follow up to their Morris Lessmore app, I'm glad so much good art and creativity is coming out of the south these days.

Hope everyone enjoys both of these, and I hope to be back in gear soon to show some new work. Thanks!

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Adam Tamte Volker said...

thanks for the bump Erin! Also, you better watch out, cause I've been practicing Hero Academy a bunch.