Work In Progress

As for the day job- Here's a Shrek commercial I worked on, doing matte painting. I painted grass and fence posts for about a month. Painting grass is just as fun as it sounds.

As for the book stuff- Working on a few projects, and enjoying the ride. Half the battle with large projects is staying organized, but I think I've found a system that works for me. It's cool seeing a large body of work develop over time, I feel like I'm making progress. I'll be excited to show what I'm working on, once things are released.

As for everything else- Enjoying the start of summer in Texas, and eager to go on a few little adventures this summer. After visiting Adam and co. for Memorial Day, I'm excited to get to see Kyler and McLean this summer as well. Old college friends are a great comfort in these crazy stressful times, so it's good to keep in touch while we can.

I hope all are well and making lots of art.


McLean Kendree said...


Erin McGuire said...

Yeah I just noticed you and Kyler haven't updated your blogs since MARCH!

McLean Kendree said...


Radu Prisacaru, UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...

Will be back soon, lovely post, thanks again have bookmarked you!