For Boston, for Boston

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Recently I was commissioned by the North of Boston Library exchange to create some promotional materials for their library system. I was excited for the opportunity because 1. I like libraries, and 2. My entire family is from Boston. It was a fun challenge fitting 7 figures in a composition, I've always thought that people interacting (or crowd scenes) are a good exercise.

I'm just getting everything back to normal after a fun week in San Francisco/Bay Area with Drew, Matt, and Megan. California really is beautiful and inspiring, and I welcome any opportunity to run around some mountains and eat some cioppino.

Enjoying my last remaining months of temperate weather before the Dallas summers go into full swing. There's a lot to be done.


Fran Johnston said...

Lovely pic and everyone being nice and quiet by the looks of things.

JMart said...

Thanks for the comment Erin! I couldn't agree more. I just wish I would have started to realize this about 2 years ago. Better late than never I suppose! By the way, your work is really great (little jealous).

Andrew R. Wright said...

There are some really cool transitions happening. The overall transition is my favorite (from left to right/soft edges to hard edges). Subtle elegance!

Did you have any say in the design of the said promo material? What type of promo material is it?

Cuyler Smith said...

Amazing work!!!

Erin McGuire said...

Not sure what promos they're using it for, I know they wanted to use it for a bunch of online stuff, and for printed promos in the library. :)

Thanks everyone for the kind words!