My piece for the Traveling Man Robot was used for the printed promotions of the project, and distributed at the unveiling last week. The Traveling man was also featured in Envy Magazine this month, so the project has been getting lots of good press.

Glad Dallas is getting some cool stuff to line its streets.

Also, my piece for Terrible Yellow Eyes got into the upcoming Gallery Nucleus show, along with my buddies Adam Volker and Sarah Caterisano. Gallery Nucleus shows some pretty heavy hitters, so this is super exciting to me :] The show opens September 19th, so if you live in the LA area, you should go and see some great work.

And, finally, I just got back from Colorado, where I ran around and hiked and saw foxes and was completely overwhelmed at how big and beautiful all of the nature was there. I've avoided oil paint for 2 years now but being there made me want to landscape paint again.

A few pictures

Til next time.


Trish Tatman said...

Justin & I are going to show, we're so excited!! I'll take pictures of all you guys pieces and send them along! I also have replacement goodies for you and Sarah coming, too!

Erin McGuire said...

Oh awesome! I was hoping to get a picture of how my thing looked hanging up. I hope it made it okay :) Hope you guys are doing well!

seo,sem,seo person said...

It's such a very beautiful printed by an art robot used to the printed promotions of the project and etc. And as it browse down you see how beautiful place in there. It such cool chilly place where we can relax and chilly out.

ruel pascual said...

Hi! Your painting looked great and congrats on the sale. Are you still at ReelFX? I actually worked offsite on Kung Fu Panda. Such an awesome group of people!