See, here's the thing- I unapologetically mostly draw girls. Here are some new sketchbook ladies.

This one is about half photoshop, half sketchbookins.

A couple of sketches I did while at the workshop, I think I was in a "drawing hoodies" mood.

Sometimes, every so often, I can get
Drew to collaborate with me. It usually ends up looking like this though.

Lately I've been splitting my time between Dallas and Shreveport Louisiana, where I eat gumbo and po' boys with a few fine gentlemen while drawing children's books. By strange coincidence, Joe Bluhm has relocated to Shreveport as well, and it is nice to meet new art friends. What if Shreveport is the new artist community? 

Being semi-nomadic is oddly inspiring, and I really feel like making some new work. We live in exciting times.


lindsaykay said...

these are great! sometimes chicks are just...fancier? :]
really like that collab


mauricio salmon said...

erin your work is amazing! you 've ben doing some great stuff.