all my wherefores and whys

Parka Twins
(about half watercolor half photoshop)
This was my first drawing of the new year, and probably the best drawing I've ever done of Drew. I captured his essence.

Bookstore drawrin
A girl in a pleated skirt

I drove about 2500 miles in the past 3 weeks. Dallas to Florida. Port Richey to Orlando, a handful of times. Florida to Dallas. I did not find myself dreading the time spent on the road. I welcomed the chance to clear my mind, put on some music, and do a thing that had to be done. Florida was good to me and I was sad to leave this time. But, I feel recharged, and ready for these next few uncertain months.


Kristi Valiant said...

Your girl in a pleated skirt is wonderful. I love your line work and how the watercolor bleeds the pen. Gorgeous.

Sarah Watts said...

Awesome drawings, I agree with the Drew one too, haha.

The Machine said...

i must say, those are some nice feet on the girl in the pleated skirt. :D