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Sketchbook page

Have you seen the thumbs commercial? I got to work on our pitch for the thumbs commercial, it was entertaining to say the least. Weird to see it on tv though. It's as creepy as I expected.

These are all from a project I can not talk about but I'm allowed to show some stuff. This is about 1/50th of the amount of work I did for this project, and it was all in illustrator. I learned a lot about illustrator. Anyhow, soon enough you'll probably see more of these, for now, enjoy

Not even an hour after this was posted on a Publisher's Weekly blog, I sold out of Penelope prints. A couple people mentioned that they were librarians, and a few asked me to send the prints to their library. Having been a librarian for 4 years, I was happy to oblige. I've put the shop on vacation though, I'm driving to Florida tomorrow and can't take all my printing/packaging stuff with me. Hope everyone has a great holiday. :)


Andrea Montano said...

Have a great holiday too! ha! The thumbnails text messaging commercial. I love those even if it's creepy :). Amazing pieces!!

Nila Curry said...

HeeHee the thumb is amazing!

Pop-Monkey said...

Hi, Erin!
Those "top secret project" images are gorgeous! Hope you're doing well!