something under my bed just sneezed

Good Golly, has been updated?

Yes, finally. Still needs some tweaking, but I am pretty happy with how this version came out. Let me know if there are any problems I've overlooked.

Other excitement, my sister brought home a three month old kitten that is only slightly bigger than a grapefruit and named him Dexter. Which is better than kitler, which is what his original owners were calling him because of his little white mustache. He is darling.

til next time, adieu.


Jane said...


I like the new site! I only found the sketchbook section because your news feed said it was updated so I went looking.

I got a kitty, too! A picture is on my blog. She's the best! Super picky eater, though. I feed her crazy expensive cans of whole fish kitty food, otherwise she tries to starve herself. Poor little spoiled brat.

How is your job hunt going?

Much Love!

Kim said...

Erin! Remember me? Okay, probably not with this name... Ace here; I've been stalking your blog from the shadows for ages now, loving where your work is going, and I figured I'd stop by and say hello and wow. Come a long, long way since the anime days. You've developed such a wonderful style and I'm sure you'll have lots of luck going out there into the big wide illustration world. Site looks great. =D

Trish Tatman said...

The new site looks nice. I like the soft purple background- it showcases your work well.

KITLER. Wow. And you CHANGED that?? The link is amazing. "Does your cat look like Adolf Hitler?" Also, I made a gay hitler postcard at work when I was in cali. (They just have a hitler puppet sitting around the office.) JibJab is totally random, but amazing. They do figure drawing at lunch on wednesdays!

The Machine said...

Hey Erin! the new site looks great! any prospects for jobs lately? hope you're doing well! tootles!