Guess what book this is for?

Back cover for another thesis piece. Sometimes drawings look better upside down? Funny thing is, I showed this to Thiel right side up and he hated it, turned it upside down and jazzed it up (thanks
Trish) and suddenly he thought it was awesome.

And that same drawing before I went to work on it, which I do like right side up, and so that you can see his cool hair

Also, lately I've had a bit of a thing for scottie dogs and sloths. I figure once we all get sick of drawing owls and birds on tree branches, sloths will have their day.

Classes and all have been going pretty well. I'm halfway done with thesis, and it's midterm, so I think I'm in a good situation. I have a lot of reading left to do, since I've done covers now for all the books I've read already. Spring break will be a time to read and sleep, and eat homecooked food.


Abby said...

Your thesis is going to be really great! Can't wait to see it all finished :D Thanks for the comment by the way, and yes everything is going swell over here on my end! It seems the end of your senior year is going along swimmingly.

Mr.BrandonHolmes said...

i want that silk screened on an orange a sloth saying sup next please

Eric Orchard said...

It really does look great upside down. It's a fantastic drawing.