Watercolor with some editing in photoshop. This is one of those pieces where I'm torn between really wrestling it to death to make it portfolio worthy, or just cutting my losses and doing something better. The assignment was two random words that we had to illustrate, I got "phonograph" and "butterfly" and didn't want to do butterflies flying out of a phonograph like everyone suggested.

Someone said the above statement to my cousin Jane and I thought it was pretty funny, seeing as she's our age. 4th grade hobo is all the rage this spring though, so whatev. just sketchbook page

A few new things. Got slowed down this weekend by a really wicked flu that I think I caught from the librarians. Watch out for them, they're tricksy. Wasted most of the weekend coughing and sleeping and complaining. I finally got a chance to cook though, and made some nice tom yum goong soup that helped me feel better and stop talking like Tom Waits (thanks kyler).

This week- Hallmark workshop and Megacon. Things are busy and I'm starting to feel kind of buried under deadlines. I don't see this semester letting up at any point though. I just hope all works out.


mauro said...

it looks portfolio wirthy to me, nice job!

Trish Tatman said...

Yeah... I'm tired, too. But at least we still look cool, right? Right?

Trish Tatman said...

Hi. This reminded me of your work a little, only weirder.

J.P. Dorigo said...

what's shakin' erin? it was nice meeting you at MegaCon. hopefully we can collaborate on something. i've searched your blog (and your business card) for an e-mail address but no luck. so i figured this was my only way to contact you. if you get a second, e-mail me at hope you had a good time at the con!