Mine was nice thanks. Here's some stuff from over my Minnesota venture.

Adam's Gazebo

Adam's friend Adam

Volker & Volker & little Volker

Attila owns a shop that sells really beautiful Turkish rugs. Adam used to work for him, so we paid him a visit and did some paintings for him

This was one of my little paintings. We drank lots of tea and got a tour of the area

We drove home from Minnesota, I did some drawings of the wussy hills of Wussconsion

The drive back from Minnesota was LOADS OF FUN withMatt, Adam, and me in Adam's ford escort with 2 guitars and no less than 47 suitcases. This was drawn pretty early on in the trip while spirits were still high.

I am excited about this semester, but I am still trying to get used to the sleep schedule. Comics class with Thiel, more Prattwerk, and Megacon are all things I am looking forward to. Also, our apartment is all blogatized, now that Trish, Sarah Caterisano, and Sarah Watts are in the blog updating kind of mood.
Pan's Labyrinth comes out friday im excited


DeepSix said...

Love the gazebo, wussy hills and the 47 suitcases sketches. I really like the botanicals in 47 suitcases! The MegaCon countdown beginssssss...now.

Ben Zweifel said...

the gazebo is kinda badass, but I would love to see some of those white highlights to turn those forms on the pillars. That new paper is kinda bamf i like the blooms.

Trish Tatman said...

I am a fan of Attila, and jealous of little Volker's jacket.

bturner said...

I am also a fan of the Attila sketch.

mauricio salmon said...

wonderful stuff erin, the lanscape drawings are my favorite along with the rug. thiels class sounds like it's going to be cool from what he told me. good luck this semester and most important, enjoy it!

watts said...

I like gazebo and red lamp, and your face.