Pratt showed us an interesting watercolor technique, similar to that of Burt Silverman, where you treat the paint more like oil, push and pull lights and darks. I think I'd use it only for creepy images, but still a fun excercise. Volker post apocalypse, and some creepy lady from a photo book I have. The third one is a one hour thunderdome I did the past week, topic being "shoes." Last one is a watercolor I did a few weeks ago, but that I finally found stuffed under my couch, and got around to scanning.


Alexander Fury said...

I love the grain and grunge this technique can achieve. On the first piece, I would fudge that wrist into a sharper seems like he has a stump for a hand, or it is missing. I'm assuming it's in his pocket. These are very nice.

N. Hunter said...

These all make me very happy. Especially the one of adam and the weirdos on the water.