Time for a real post I suppose?
Here are some recent sketchbook pages.

From my 2nd semester figure journal.

Same. I do not have much patience with pencil, unfortunately.

I drew this page my first week home from school, the only thing to do was watch WWII documentaries

Being in Port Richey has a strange effect on my aesthetic. I feel like at Ringling, anything goes. Weird is the norm, almost. But when I come home, everything becomes kind of bland. Drawing is less of an impulse, and more of a conscious choice, that I have to sit down with the intent of drawing something specific. It's a shame that Ringling's school year is packed into a very fast 8 months, 8 months of intense work that leaves little time to really utilize everything else that there is on campus. FEWS, the library, personal projects, all have to take the backseat to class work.
And then, an excessively long summer to go to the other extreme. Plenty of time to do all those things you wanted to do, but no more models, no wonderful library, and the worst- very little motivation. I'm really glad I'm working at Precollege this summer. I know it will be closer to the balance I'd hoped for- Ringling's atmosphere and resources, with time to actually use them. We'll see.

I'm going to Georgia this weekend, my aunt owns a store/gallery up there, as well as a house that is apparently up in the mountains. I'll be packing my easel and paints, and hopefully I'll knuckle down and get some landscape paintings done. Because really now, how often are we given the opportunity to paint anything even remotely close to a mountain in Florida?


mclean said...

Awesome, I'm the first person (i think) to leave you a comment. Time at home can be no fun, but it will honestly go by quickly enough. Which Illustration track where you in again?

emcguire said...

Track Hopefully-George-Pratt. You have Thiel, right?

mclean said...

indeedy do!